Sense Stations – Exploring our five senses. 

Our senses open the door to a world filled with a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether savoring diverse cuisines, inhaling soothing scents, or feeling the warmth of a touch, our senses bring joy to our lives. 

To introduce the wonders of the human senses, BGS Public School, Kengeri, Bangalore, organized a ‘Sense Station Day’ on September 2nd, designed especially for our tiny tots in kindergarten. Our pre-primary facilitators and teachers collaborated to create five distinct sense stations, each engaging and enlightening. 

At these stations, our young learners had hands-on encounters with the fundamental functions of each sense organ. The ‘Sight Room’ opened their eyes to various visual stimuli, while the ‘Touch Sense’ station exposed them to different textures and sensations. In the ‘Taste and Smell’ rooms, children explored diverse flavors and fragrances. The ‘Hearing Room’ introduced them to a symphony of sounds, complemented by the ‘Music and Movement’ station. 

This interactive approach effectively instilled an understanding of the five sense organs in our children. Through engaging activities, they honed their ability to observe and appreciate the role of each sense in their daily lives, reinforcing the concept of our five senses. 

At BGS Public School, we believe in providing holistic and immersive learning experiences that ignite young minds and foster a deep appreciation for the world around us. 

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