Secondary & Senior Secondary School

The secondary programme is mainly focused on challenging the intellectual potential of the students alongside continuing to develop their personal, physical, socio-emotional-ethical learning to prepare them to face the challenges of life in the real world. 

Our teachers experienced in handling the senior school always attempt to mirror the methodology and philosophy of the CBSE Council. The curriculum provides ample scope for holistic learning emphasizing constructivist rather than rote learning. Students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life problem-solving scenarios, promote critical and creative thinking aligned to the 21st century skills, integrate experiential learning, sports & art-integrated learning, gamification, etc.  

Secondary school students are exposed to a plethora of opportunities to expose their talents and skills in order to prepare them for the future and become lifelong learners. The school clubs, the student council, the school teams enhance their confidence, interests, collaborative and leadership skills. 

Subjects for Grades IX & X: 

  1. English 
  1. Second Language (Hindi/Kannada/Sanskrit) 
  1. Mathematics  
  1. Science 
  1. Social Studies 
  1. Skill subjects (to be introduced from the academic year 2023-24)

Streams offered in Grade IX and Grade XII

Science stream

There are two programmes offered under the Science stream.

  • Integrated course (partnered with Aakash institute) – Aakash Institute has partnered with BGS PS to provide an integrated teaching approach and train them to compete in the IIT-JEE and NEET. 
  • Non-integrated course 

Groups offered for both the programmes will be the same. 

  • Group 1 –Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology
  • Group 2 –Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Physical Education
  • Group 3 –Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science
  • Group 4 –Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Design (From AY 2024-25 onwards)
  • Group 5 –Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology
  • Group 6 –Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Design

Commerce stream

  • Group 1 – Economics, Business Studies, Accounts and Computer Science
  • Group 2 – Economics, Business Studies, Accounts and Physical Education
  • Group 3 – Economics, Business Studies, Accounts and Design (From AY 2024-25 onwards)
  • Group 4 – Economics, Business Studies, Accounts and Applied Math