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The CCA held on 5th July 2023 which celebrated National Reading Day offered diverse activities for students from Grade 1 to Grade 9, promoting reading, storytelling, vocabulary, creativity, and critical thinking. Grade 1 focused on “Sequencing the Story” with picture cards, while Grade 2 enjoyed “Puzzling Puzzles” inspired by captivating stories. Grade 3 played “Name-Place-Animal-Thing” to expand vocabulary, and Grade 4 expressed creativity through humorous song adaptations. Grade 5 crafted unique stories using given keywords, Grade 6 had fun with “Dumb Charades,” and Grade 7 represented stories pictorially. Grade 8 plotted practical endings for stories, and Grade 9 engaged in a house-wise debate contest, fostering critical thinking and effective communication. The day successfully fostered a love for reading while nurturing various skills and talents.