Numismatic Exhibition Report – 2022

On 8th July 2022, the students of Grade VI from BGS Public School geared up for an exciting yet informative field trip to ‘Nanya Darshini 2022’, an all- India exhibition of coins, currencies, stamps and other collectables conducted by the Karnataka Numismatic Society.

This exhibition also had almost all types of notes ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.2000 and were priced higher than their usual value depending on the rarity. Not just this, coins all the way back from 1st century were displayed. These were coins from post-Mauryan-era towns like Suktimati, Tripuri (now known as Jabalpur) and Kasi Janapada (Varanasi). Another section of the exhibition displayed some beautiful hairpin-like Persian Silver coins called ‘Larin’ from the reigns of Bijapur Sultan Ali Adil Shah and even displayed coins of Mysuru Wodeyars. Not just Coins, but unique stamp collection at the exhibition also stole the show. This included a 22 carat ‘The Hobbit stamp’ from New Zealand.

All in all, this exhibition not just was a trip down the world’s history but also was an awareness about coins and currencies.