National Reading Day – 2022

 “Reading is an escape people use to get away from reality. It is a chance to be free and explore who you are.” With this motto kept in mind, National Reading Day is seen throughout India on 19th June every year. 

BGS Public School encourages students to build their passion for reading in English and other regional languages. The school has a well-maintained library making up more than 10,000 books of varieties of genres like fiction, non-fiction, Childrens’ literature, reference books, etc. 

Reading and various other activities were conducted in the school between 20th June and 8th July during the library periods. Students were enlightened with the importance of reading. They were also encouraged to carry their favourite books to school and were encouraged to read a sizeable number of books to improve their vocabulary and knowledge. To highlight their knowledge and talent in the field of reading and writing, many activities and competitions were held in the school for the students. These included playing of word Antakshari, writing a book review, role plays, dialog writing based on the book they read, Word games, build acronyms based on the books they read, etc which encouraged the students to read more books.