A New Era of leadership dawns upon BGSPS – Investiture Ceremony 

To commemorate the fresh faces of the newly elected council, the investiture ceremony was held at BGS Public School on July 1st, marked by discipline, responsibility, leadership, and joy. The esteemed presence of Sri Sri  Dr. Prakashnath Swamiji bestowed a special blessing upon the student leaders and the audience. The guests of honour, Mrs. Shruti Harsha, a philanthropist, and Ms. Krithika, Head of education at Tejasvi Surya’s office added a special touch to the event with their inspiring words. 
The ceremony began with a welcoming song and a captivating dance performance by the students. The leaders’ march followed, accompanied by the badging ceremony as they willingly accepted their badges, flags, and responsibilities. In keeping with the saying “With great power comes great responsibility,” the leaders pledged to serve the school with utmost discipline and care, taking an oath administered by the principal. The proud parents and the enthusiastic students gazed as the members humbly took up roles to serve the school and their fellow mates.