‘Weather Wonders’ – A Magical Journey Through Seasons!

At BGS Public School, we took our little explorers on a captivating adventure through the seasons with our exclusive event, ‘Weather Wonders.’ 🌞❄️🌧️🍂 Kindergarten students from not only our school but also neighboring preschools joined in the fun. 🧒🎒 

Our classrooms were transformed into season-themed wonderlands, celebrating the joys of summer, wonders of winter, beauty of the monsoon, and the charm of autumn. 🌸❤️⛄🌦️ 

Each child had a chance to dive into the unique qualities of each season, exploring everything from clothing to food, festivals, and more. The result? Rooms filled with laughter, fun, and experiential learning adventures! 🎉📚 

The selfie corners at each season weren’t just a hit with the kids; even the adults accompanying them couldn’t resist the fun! 📸🌟 

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