School Clubs

School clubs are one of the mechanisms that can provide spaces for students to participate, acquire life skills and strengthen their voice and institutions. Our school clubs provide a safe space for learners to nurture and develop life skills to make informed life choices. Through participating in club activities, the students learn to prioritize and manage time well, gain insights into possible career aspirations and therefore contribute to the overall well-rounded learning experience both in and outside of school. 

“Technology will drive the change”

Coding and computer science are ever-expanding in today’s world. At BGSPS, we teach our students the basic and advanced topics related to coding and computer science to encourage them in their aim of becoming future programmers. Video and audio editing, Poster making, Website developing, designing of games, 3D modeling objects and creating animations are some of the software which our students are expertise in. They share the responsibility of working behind the scenes during the special events of the school. 


A recipe has no soul. A cook brings soul to the recipe. At the cookery club, we encourage students to explore and research a wide range of dishes and cuisines. We also believe that innovations are always needed to make an impact in this world and ever-ending support is provided to the students to explore their creativity. They actively hone themselves responsible for all the arrangements of refreshments during the school events. 

The Symphony

Music is the language of the spirit; where words fail, music speaks. Our students of music club are keen and express their enthusiasm towards music – from composing songs to singing it with melody. The students are exposed to showcase their skills in playing a variety of musical instruments – like drums, keyboard, guitar, etc. They also work together in creating their own band. 


Dance is an art with expression. The students of the dance club are exceptional dancers, with their adorable expressions and rhythmic movements. When they perform, it is not only that the stage is set on fire but even the audience are energized. The dance club functions to enhance these dance skills among students. 

Sports Ninjas 

The Sports club provides an opportunity where through engagement in sport, the members learn leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, responsibility, self-discipline, and a sense of initiative. It enables children to develop skills that will help them in school, in their personal lives and in future careers. The School teams are nurtured with skills that will train them to compete during interschool sports events. 

Spectrum Club 

Wherever you turn around, you can see an immense number of colors, designs, shapes, and patterns. The Visual Arts club focuses on the development of students in the skills related to drawing, painting, and craft work. They are highly innovative and come up with different kinds of ideas and artwork. They take up the whole and sole responsibility of decoration during the events. 

Number Ninjas 

This club is comprised of Math enthusiasts who enjoy fun with numbers. The club helps you enrich your math knowledge by solving challenging and fun questions beyond the school curriculum. It provides the students with opportunities to engage themselves in puzzles, conjectures and learn the true beauty of Math. It inculcates the habit of self-study and independent work among the students. 

Eco Club 

The eco club is a forum through which the members have many opportunities to take the lead role on projects while educating the community about the importance of sustainability and taking care of our environment. It aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature and promotes a green lifestyle among the people by making them aware of the importance and necessity of a green environment. 

Get Lit 

Learning English literature opens a world of inspiration and creativity. The aim of the Literature club is to provide a platform for the students to hone their skills in a play way method. The activities are planned and conducted in such a way that the students feel interested and enthusiastic about them. We ensure that these activities help in enhancing the students’ public speaking and writing skills. 

Readers’ Club 

“A room without books is a body without a soul.” Indeed, reading books is very much essential for a person to gain knowledge in different aspects. The Readers’ club sessions at BGSPS are conducted in the school library where there is a vast collection of books. The students are encouraged to read different varieties of books and write a review after they complete each book in order to help other students who come to the library.  

Picture Perfect 

Photography is the art, application, and practice of clicking photos at different angles. The aim of this club is to provide a platform for the interested students to share and exhibit their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography. They get an opportunity to showcase their exhibits, meet subject expertise so as to enhance their aesthetic and critical skills in photography. It always paves way to hone their skills by understanding and learning about what makes a good photograph, from composition to artistic expression. 

Fit n Firm

The yoga club focusses to develop self-regulation skills which in turn, mitigates stress, thus leading to enhanced attention and learning. It also increase the students’ concentration, flexibility and resilience.