Exams got over and the school was all set to declare vacation for Navaratri. With the tensions deteriorating, the festive mood was enhancing. The stage was all set for the Gombe Habba, the traditional doll show of Karnataka. To express the harmony in us, dolls from students and staff found their way to be exhibited. The steps increased from 3, 5 and finally to 7. The final result was a visual treat to all of us. 

Adding to our excitement was the inauguration of our science laboratories – one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Our revered Managing Director and Poojya Swamiji opened out the labs for the students’ use by untying the ribbon. The students of Grade 12 demonstrated the experiments to the dignitaries.  

The culmination of the 14-day long Golu was executed on 12th Wednesday, wherein students from every class offered their prayers to all the God and Goddesses. The dolls that adored the reception area slowly moved to their native (owner’s home) soon after the pooja.  

We, the students, thank the management and staff for organizing such a grand event during this Dussehra. 

“No other culture on the planet has the variety of weaves that India has” – is apt for this occasion.