Embracing Eco-Friendly Ganesha Celebrations!

The festive spirit is in full swing at BGS Primary School as our students welcomed eco-friendly Ganesha idols with boundless joy! 🙏✨ 

Every student, from our little kindergarteners to our senior secondary scholars, got their hands on balls of natural clay to craft their unique Ganesha idols. The result? An array of adorable Ganesha creations, from cute and playful to relaxed and stylish. 🌟 

Our assembly area transformed into a mesmerizing display of creativity, with idols of all sizes adorning the setup for Pooja. Special prayers, soulful songs, and energetic dances by our students filled the air with devotion and celebration. 🎶🙌 

As the sun set, our eco-friendly idols embarked on a grand procession to the garden pond for Visarjan, symbolizing the beauty of ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle.’ 🌅🌊 

This festive season, we’re not only celebrating traditions but also nurturing our planet. 🌏🌼 

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